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This again. Ugh. I made the face when I said that. I'm awake and it's deep into the night. The wretched hands of insomnia grip me and I suffer a little for now in that I won't get back to sleep, but I will turn this into an opportunity to examine myself and my beliefs. The Void grinds its teeth and clenches to prepare me. I clench and grind my teeth to prepare the Void. I will not go quietly. Maybe that's the issue? I'm a fighter. Violence breeds violence so it's said. But no, there is a time and a  place for the warrior in a righteous cause, so that's not it...maybe I just can't sleep and it's a simple matter of laying down and closing my eyes? No, this answer is too simple and doesn't respect the process of being awake, doesn't honor the fact that hours from now, I will still be awake. It tries to negate the cold hard fact of sleeplessness. I've had a lot on my mind recently, life changing events. Good stuff though, really good stuff, bu…
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The bodies, bare and discarded, thrown aside for whatever; at this stage it doesn't matter, they are darkened,  the light has left their eyes. Their vulnerability disregarded and now they're gone, en masse; mass graves, the left behind, the forgotten, the sick, the dead and the dying. Pestilence is for the weak, the old, the poor, the homeless; Not for the politicians, not for the leadership,  which have failed us as we died in numbers so great,  it is obscene. As disease ravaged us across the  delimiters and differences, it seems the virus didn't care either. So, the people are caught  in their vulnerabilities: the plague or the politician?


And you wait with me, I, with bated breath, and you, trying to soothe me, as always, in your way that you do... and me watching  the anxiety creeping if I'm not careful... All these things I wait for  patiently, patiently I wait, and we wait together... holding me if you could. Maybe I'm trembling  just a little... But I am armored for anything, because I do not believe  lightning could strike twice. Yet ever I hope that  I would be wrong. But I'm a voodoo child, back from the depths of the Abyss, so anything is possible.  And you wait with me, I, with bated breath, and you, trying to soothe me.


I came into this world with nothing they even took me away from you; but we survived, although, naked and scared; aware of the things  most take for granted and can't feel. But the basket of time was unraveling and our armor grew thick, as our minds grew wise, and my heart started searching. And I came and found you. And now, when I leave this world, I will have you with me in my heart as you have always been, but closer now that I have found you again. Now untethered to the doubt  that sought to keep confusion before us. Our souls together as they have always been. Our connection, stronger now than ever. Our hope has been made complete.


Starchild, shooting through the heavens  like a comet... Where are you heading? Through the wormhole, out into the galaxy, and then to my mother's house; beyond the trails in the sky... I will follow my orbit, the ellipse drifting at times into asteroid belts, but  home is home, and my mother is there, so I will move the stars and find her hidden there, and once revealed,  joy in the heavens. The voices in my head replaced with her  loving voice, ever  soothing me....

Family Tree

I fell from the family tree, but not far, apparently; all my wandering around the orchard, I was lost for awhile at times; but my destiny has kept me warm, and returned me unto you, I flew like a bird to be with you again, sitting at the base and  carving our initials into a heart that belongs to us; our names finally together on our family tree.


Here comes the magic again, surrounding me like a bubble, an aura...I'm floating way above you all tonight in the cosmic mirror, playing in the candlelight... Is there anybody out there? Is it just me and you? As I look at you in the mirror we laugh because the  magic is all around us... and we are flying, mothership.